Singer And Songwriter Terrence Day spent 10 days writing 10 songs. Those songs were to become his CD release “A Simple Life”. This effort released on his own record label “3000 Records” is fully produced with a full band.

The CD features other talented Artists on drums, bass, lead guitars, and backing vocals. Artists include: Desi Serna on lead guitars (Author of “How To Teach Guitar” and “Fretboard Theory”). Jim Schwartzentruber on bass guitar. Jim was also the Producer of the CD at his studio called Muddbrother’s. JR laid down the drum tracks (Member of Hip Hop group “Lazy Genus“), Sarah Schemansky played the jaw harp, and sang backing vocals. These recordings not only featured talented Artists, but Artists who put their heart and soul into this project.

This recording effort was truly the mark of a long and positive music career. Since 2002, Terrence has played over 600 shows, and doesn’t have plans to slow down anytime soon. He has toured the country driving a 1973 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon nick named the “Superwagon”. The vehicle was put to great use for about a year and a half until the vehicle was no longer drivable, but he still misses it!

Terrence also recorded a previous CD release under the name “Deron 5L”. That first CD release was called the “Signature EP” (2004). There are 5 songs featured on that CD including “Sara Ann In California” which has been played on independent stations worldwide. His song “College Town” which has also been played on stations around the world, was also featured on a world famous Podcast called “U-Turn Café”

When asked to describe his music style, Terrence might call it Rock, Alternative, or perhaps Country, but one thing is for sure. Whatever style you call it, there’s no denying that his music is powerful and authentic. Mostly, Terrence performs solo, with his Martin acoustic 6 string guitar. His music offers dynamic vocals, and genuine lyrics that can be felt beneath the surface. Still unsigned, he is determined to be heard through live performances, his self-made web site, newsletter, and his independent record label “3000 Records”.